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girl reaching out of a computer monitor Inside Dosug, the dark net brothel that makes finding sex as easy as hailing an Uber
Every business sells a product. Dosug's is sex work 2.0.
person running away with votes in hand 154 million voter records exposed due to database error
Another day, another 154 million voters' data exposed online.
Connor Franta The Tao of Connor Franta
How a kid from Minnesota conquered YouTube.

Women of YouTube

Alessia Cara, Women of YouTube ‘Here’ and now with Alessia Cara, YouTube’s biggest R&B star
How Alessia Cara went from bedroom covers to opening for Coldplay.
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Gigi Gorgeous, Women of YouTube Why Gigi Gorgeous is a transgender icon for the YouTube generation
The makeup artist has detailed her transition and life in beautiful detail.
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Franchesca Ramsey, Women of YouTube How Franchesca Ramsey is squashing trolls and stereotypes
The haters only serve to justify the need for Ramsey’s presence in media.
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Hannah Hart, Women of YouTube The happy accidents of Hannah Hart
Whether in the kitchen or on set, Hart is living her best life.
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Glozell, Women of YouTube This African-American powerhouse is altering the very definition of vlogger
GloZell Green found YouTube fame for her comedy, but now she’s opening up about her journey toward parenthood.
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Diana Cowern, Women of YouTube Meet Physics Girl, a heroine to science communication
Dianna Cowern is the science teacher you will you had in high school
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Sonja Reid, Women of YouTube Getting to know Sonja Reid, gaming’s girl next door
'I’m just a nerd that loves games.'
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Stormpilot shirt Stormpilot, Johnlock, and more ships are revealed when these shirts fold up
The line includes 11 shirts inspired by ships in multiple fandoms.
chris pine star trek 'Star Trek' fans slam CBS and Paramount after it releases guidelines for fan films
'Star Trek' now has 10 guidelines to follow if you don't want to face legal action.
Promotional image of a gun battle for the first person shooter Strafe. Hands-on preview: Strafe is an indie shooter game that's smarter than it looks
All that blood lining the floor? It’s actually there for a reason.
Promotional image for the Resident Evil 7 playable teaser. Resident Evil 7 in virtual reality is a heart attack waiting to happen
Another example of how VR ups the fear factor.
Sketching Science memes Sketching Science is the nerdy meme hub you didn’t know you needed
It's a combination of art, science, and the internet we can all get behind.
saw gerrera Who is Saw Gerrera, the 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' character coming to 'Rogue One'?
His history spans decades in the 'Star Wars' universe.
Promotional screenshot for Civilization VI. Hands-on preview: The radical changes in store for Civilization 6
The changes for Civilization 6 are exciting.