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The Dictator's Microwave


Your favorite 'Super Mario Bros' tunes sound incredible on this Nintendo-themed piano
You might need to blow on the keys before playing this piano.
baby elephantBaby elephant playing with birds will instantly brighten your day
This baby elephant calf is having so much fun.
The 7 most dangerous myths about the fight for $15 minimum wage
It's good for workers, good for employers, and good for taxpayers.


Wilmer FloresMets infielder Wilmer Flores cries during game amid trade rumors
Mets GM blames spectacle on social media.
Tig Notaro standupTig Notaro is getting her own Amazon series
The world just can't get enough of our favorite cancer-surviving lesbian comic.
tattered confederate flagThe shooter who came from nowhere
A madman with no ideology. Except that...
malaysian plane boeing 777Did debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 just wash ashore?
Airplane debris sparks MH370 investigation.
Black Lives Matter protestNewly found Hunter S. Thompson audio a rare, candid look at the legend
Before he was the King of Gonzo, Thompson was just an extraordinarily skilled writer.
colorful image of a gun barrel The myth of the 'senseless' mass shooting
There's nothing 'senseless' about America's gun violence epidemic.

VidCon 2015

pastel hair teenPastel hair was the literal highlight of VidCon 2015
Soft grunge hair was all the rage.
abstract art of the vidcon logoOf content and controversy at VidCon 2015
Content creation is king—but the biggest YouTube convention around knows change is key too.
themattespinosa dresses in blackface vidconVine star Matthew Espinosa under fire for debuting blackface character at VidCon
He's facing criticism for his actions, but insists he's a 'good person.'
Connor FrantaConnor Franta's new label focuses on music curated by digital influencers
Franta has already tested out the concept.
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