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Bathroom scale with Instagram logo over hashtag pattern background Instagram is the Weight Watchers support group of the future
The company's social media presence is bigger than their members' weight loss.
Lava lamps After deadly U.S. airstrike, Dark Net drug dealer donates profits to Doctors Without Borders
'We're a net positive for society and the economy.'
Miss Pickle A day in the life of Miss Pickle, Instagram's most cultured pup
She’s more than just a cute face. She’s a conduit into the insular world of contemporary art.


rate button After avalanche of criticism, CEO of Peeple tries to make it 'positive-only' app
Everyone hated the app before. No one will use it now.
Your guide to Twitter, Jack Dorsey, and the drama surrounding his return
Everyone is talking about Jack Dorsey today, and here's why
iHub party How Africa grew more than 200 local tech scenes
The rise of the machines.
LinkedIn will pay $13 million to settle suit over those annoying emails
Were you an unwitting LinkedIn spammer? Here's how to get your settlement money.
never ending stories Track the sleep data of 5 people around the world with this website
Data lights up efforts of entrepreneurs around the world.
british pounds Words used in tweets can offer insight into how much money you make
People who earn more tweet differently.


Chatham House study: Nuclear power plants vulnerable to cyberattacks
'Many industrial control systems are insecure by design.'
abstract art of edward snowden Edward Snowden describes GCHQ's 'Smurf Suite' of phone surveillance tools
It would be foolish to assume that you were truly safe from determined government spies.
TPP Protest What is TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
And what's up with that 'fast track' gizmo?
hillary clinton Hillary Clinton pushes new gun-control plan following Oregon shooting
Clinton wants to overturn a Bush-era law that protects firearm dealers from liability.
Congressman Ted Lieu Rep. Ted Lieu: FBI not the only voice that matters in encryption debate
'The FBI is pretty much focused solely on one issue, which is law enforcement.'
STOP THE TPP signs U.S., 11 other nations finalize controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
The deal now heads to Congress, but a vote isn't expected for several more months.
illustration of kim davis SPLC has labeled Liberty Counsel, firm representing Kim Davis, for more than a year
The Liberty Counsel has long promoted the idea that gay marriage will destroy Western civilization.