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Chris Mintz is an American hero—but can someone tell Ben Carson he shouldn’t have to be?
American heroes shouldn't be risking their lives because the government can't solve our gun problems.
illustrations of dunk and egg 'A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms' collects George R.R. Martin's tales of Dunk and Egg
It takes place about 100 years before 'Game of Thrones.'


abstract art of the Clef logo This startup open-sourced its diversity policies so others can copy them and iterate
It's a starter kit for HR policies that can make startups more diverse.
alphabet Google just bought abcdefghijklmnopqrstu-
Google is really taking the alphabet thing seriously.
facebook reactions button haha Facebook's 'Dislike' button has evolved, and here's what it looks like now
You'll soon be able to express emotions for each post and comment.
Lexus just made an electric car out of cardboard
Lexus has designed a one-off electric car modeled after the IS sedan.
dev/color new nonprofit aims to support Black software engineers Pinterest engineer debuts nonprofit to empower black people in tech
/dev/color brings more opportunities to black engineers in tech.
Beats Pill+ The newest Beats speaker looks like a pure Apple product
Apple didn't forget about Dre.


Linkedin logo with Iranian flag Iranian 'threat group' reportedly behind ring of fake LinkedIn profiles
The purported hackers behind these attacks don't actually need a job, it turns out.
'Dozens' of terror suspects used encryption to beat FBI, director says
The push against encryption continues.
KevinMcCarthy Kevin McCarthy: Where he stands on NSA, cybersecurity, patent reform
Kevin McCarthy is the leading candidate to become House Speaker. Here's what that could mean for tech policy.
TPP text to finally be made public
Finally, we'll get to know what's in that trade deal.
Handcuffs Journalist accused of helping Anonymous found guilty on hacking charges
He could face up to 25 years in prison.
AC-130 Doctors Without Borders calls for war-crimes investigation over U.S. hospital bombing
'This was not just an attack on our hospital—it was an attack on the Geneva Conventions.'
Spencer Stone Spencer Stone, French train attack 'hero,' stabbed in Sacramento
Spencer Stone's is in stable condition after being stabbed multiple times.