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killing joke Review: 'Batman: The Killing Joke' is a huge disappointment
Aside from Mark Hamill's Joker, 'The Killing Joke' movie is a total mess.
rogue one star wars celebration How the Lucasfilm Story Group controls every corner of the 'Star Wars' franchise
Star Wars Celebration lifted the veil on the team of masterminds behind the new 'Star Wars' franchise.
Microphone on stage At the RNC, Muslim comedians laugh through the Trump era
'This has been a difficult year, a difficult decade. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.'

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exploding kittens Exploding Kittens and the NSFW version are 20 percent off right now
Blowing up cats really shouldn't be this fun.
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Living out of a suitcase is tolerable with this bag.
the flash Daily Deals: DC Comics titles, Timex watches, and more on sale today
Bolt to this deal faster than Flash.
firefly 'Firefly' fans can get the complete series for $10
It's still not nearly enough of the show, we know.
blue apron Save 55 percent on your next Blue Apron delivery, and get 3 meals for $27
Let someone else decide dinner this week.