Jorge & Alexa Narvaez
YouTube stars once again break out of YouTube and land in commercials.

David Wittman used to merely score music for television commercials. Now he’s starring in one.

Better known as DJDave, Wittman is the 37-year-old rapper behind the summer smash, “Whole Foods Parking Lot.” You can now see him cruising in a Hyundai Elantra as part of a new advertising campaign that focuses specifically on YouTube stars.

Hyundai’s campaign also features Jorge & Alexa Narvaez, known for their cute-as-buttons cover of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros “Home.” They tackle “Feliz Navidad” sitting in a Sante Fe, while Jessica (“People of Walmart”) Finch sings about Hyundai’s warranty.  

The advertising push caps an unprecedented wave of YouTubers crossing over into mainstream channels: Rebecca Black notched a Black “Friday” ad for Kohl’s; Annoying Orange landed a deal with Cartoon Network; and Kaleb Nation received his own reality series.

Wittman hinted at that potential.

“When something goes viral, it’s exponential,” he told the Daily Dot earlier this year. “[E]ach step is so much bigger than the next.”

In others words, it’s gettin’ real on YouTube.


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