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In honor of National Cat Day (yeah, it's a thing), you can order a cat to your New York, San Francisco, or Seattle office.

Christmas just came early for cat lovers: On-demand car service Uber is teaming up with Cheezburger to make Bring Your Pet to Work Day a reality.

In honor of National Cat Day (yeah, it's a thing), you can order a cat to your New York, San Francisco, or Seattle office. For just $20, a cat will be delivered to your office for 15 minutes of playtime, snuggling, and cupcakes from Ace of Cakes (while they're still available).

All of the proceeds from renting the Uber kittens will go to a local animal shelter, and if you fall in love with your kitten, every cat who has been volunteered for snuggling is available for adoption.

As you can imagine, when someone offers entire cities the chance to play with kittens, they're going to be a little hard to come by.

"Demand for kittens will be very high and availability very limited," Uber warned before the event started. "It may take multiple tries to find available kittens."

The rental cats are available from 11am to 4pm, and within the first hour of availability, many people are having issues securing a kitten. There's a massive kitten shortage!

For the rest of us, all we need to do is convince employers to let us bring our pets in more often.

H/T Business Insider | Photo via Moyan Brenn/Flickr

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