Rowing club wins battle with Facebook over nude charity calendar

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women's rowing club
Someone's got a funny definition of "pornography."

This article contains material that may be NSFW.   

For a company that has long made its name out on the bleeding edge of the Internet, Facebook has proved hilariously inept, time and again, at regulating potentially offensive content. They’ve taken down pregnant ladies, Arab women without veils, classical art, and, mind-bendingly, an argument against their wackadoo censorship policy.

Most recently, the social network was rankled by the success of the University of Warwick Rowing Society in raising thousands of pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support by selling a tasteful calendar depicting rowers in various states of undress. (We should mention that this is a ladies’ team—Facebook seems to disproportionately target women whenever they feel compelled to police users according to community guidelines.) 

Once the calendar’s Facebook page was banned, the Twitter backlash was inevitable.

In the end, unable to justify their unilateral action, Facebook relented.

And the good news doesn’t stop there—a 2015 calendar is already in the works.

Meanwhile, the men’s rowing club at Warwick has been putting out its own nude calendar for a couple of years—proceeds go to Sport Allies, an athletic organization that promotes inclusion and challenges homophobia among young people. More proof, as if you need it, that clothes are only good for taking off.

Photo by Winky/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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