How we got our very own .sexy domain name

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The Internet is expanding again, and everyone's fighting for a slice.

This morning, the Internet got a little bigger. Quite a few generic top-level domain names became available for pre-registration—prompting a land rush for online properties with extensions like .tips, .kitchen, .buzz, and .singles. Confession: I could barely sleep last night, such was my excitement about waking up early and planting my flag in some valuable new corner of the Web.

I started searching the already dwindling list of available URLs at Naturally, my editors wanted to lock down, but the .pizza domain is still tantalizingly out of reach… for now. As a placeholder, we quickly settled on (a steal at $19.99!), which will soon redirect to our porn vertical. Other great ideas, including,, and, would also have to wait for those very promising domains to officially debut. 

We briefly considered, but somehow it didn’t seem like we’d be able to flip it for more than the retail price of $34.99. Likewise, and would both set us back $59.99, though we could have saved almost 50 percent by going with or Almost every other .guru name, from to, was already spoken for, which is perhaps unsurprising. But we needed a potentially profitable investment.

Hello, what’s this? It looks as if I just paid $22.99 to become the proud owner of Sure, he won’t be famous much longer, but think about it—as Bieber continues to self-destruct, photographic evidence of his fall from glory will be in high demand. Wouldn’t be surprised if I got a call from TMZ later this afternoon, honestly, or maybe just an irate fan with plans for some elaborate stalker blog. Let’s start the bidding at a million dollars.


Thus far, our cart was looking pretty good, and yet there persisted this nagging sense that we could do even better. Surely there was another unclaimed URL so elegantly simple that it had the ring of genius to it. After a long struggle (in which was revealed to be unavailable), we finally saw what had been staring us in the face the whole time: Guitars are cool, right? Well from now on, they’re only cool on my website, COOL.GUITARS. You know, I think I may have a real knack for this squatting-on-virtual-real-estate thing.

Photo by Fotofever (CC BY-SA 2.0)

What's the hubbub over .kosher and .halal domains?
This is why custom endings to domain names are not worth it.  New domains called Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) are being created by the Government Advisory Committee (GAC), which is also choosing which domains will proceed to creation. This will allow people to tag their websites with words other than the usual .com, .net, .org, .edu, etc.
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