Harvard graduate's board has garnered media attention and 600 followers. Whether it will attract Pinterest, however, remains to be seen.

Ever since Pinterest made it a point to welcome self-promotion, there’ve been a lot of innovative résumé boards on Pinterest.

Jeanne Hwang’s takes it one step further. She’s tailor-made it to land her a job at the image-sharing platform.

The Harvard Business School graduate has impressive experience, spanning from Yahoo! to Accenture. Though it’s likely she could find a job at many tech companies (PinTics has even offered her a job as V.P. of Marketing), Hwang writes “it’s Pinterest or bust.”

“I believe so strongly in Pinterest, because it makes so much sense for how users want to use the Internet—categorizing, saving, discovering,” Hwang told Bostinno. “It’s already dramatically changing how people are discovering things.”

Hwang’s résumé board, JEANNE | for Pinterest!, summarizes her work experience, education, and the characteristics that would make her a good employee (for example, she’s a risk-taking sky-diver and persevering triathelete.) Each pin links to Hwang’s Tumblr, Jeanne For Pinterest.

Hwang’s nicely designed résumé board is not focused on a specific job at Pinterest, however. It pitches her broadly. Under “Rockstar Skills,” Hwang wrote, “Product, biz dev, monetization, I’ve rolled up my sleeves & done it all.”

“I am trying to cut through the noise for a chance to prove that I am an outstanding next hire,” she wrote on Tumblr.

Cut through the noise she has—her board has amassed media attention and 600 followers.

Hwang refused interview requests, saying she is waiting until she can better gauge Pinterest’s interest in her campaign.

Whether it works for Hwang or not, the idea could be a good one for anyone looking to stand out in a competitive job market.

Photo by Jeanne Hwang

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