What kind of person works at Twitter? Here's the inside scoop, according to a @NYTFridge-inspired parody account: entitled jerks.

A self-loathing Twitter worker has been tweeting out the most insane, overprivileged soundbites overheard at Twitter’s San Francisco offices on an account called @twentitled, or “Twitter Entitled.”

The account’s description links to a public list of Twitter’s staff, and a real-life Twitter employee claims everything it posts was actually said. Still, the account's description added the hashtag “#satire” yesterday afternoon. But is it? These people are, generally, wealthy (early employees could sell their shares of the company for $9.9 billion) and they work at a “cool” tech company.

JWZ reported last night that a source inside Twitter said the company’s communications team was “crying a river” over the bad publicity the account was garnering. Seems pretty legit.

Wow. Tough work day over at Twitter, huh?

And finally, the most meta of them all:

H/T Uptown Almanac | Image via Scott Beale/Flickr