Twitter addiction
After a year rolling out a redesign, Twitter is soon going to yank support for the old way of viewing tweets.

The old Twitter interface is quickly going the way of the dodo bird, so get your last helping of instant nostalgia in before it’s too late.

Earlier this week Twitter announced that everyone still using the old interface would be forced to move over to the new “easier, faster, and richer” Twitter format. No official cutoff date has been announced but the move is coming sometime this week, Twitter said.

The announcement is still making waves on the microblogging site as some holdouts try to cope with the change.

“I want my old twitter back!” tweeted @LumosAriana. “I'd Trade 200 followers for these followers ANY day none of u talk to me anyways!”

“I still got old twitter,” @JustinBWolfPack tweeted. “I don’t wanna change.“

“Dear old @twitter, imma miss you,” tweeted @TheJordaneers.

For what it’s worth, all this nostalgia is for a design that was barely two years old at the point Twitter started rolling out the “new” Twitter. So far, we haven’t found anyone mourning Older Twitter. But we’re sure they’re out there.

Photo by carrotcreative

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