Patrick Bateman wishes he could get his hands on these new business cards. 

You probably didn’t ask for this but it exists: business cards designed using your Facebook Timeline!

That means your pictures of cheese fries, dancing poodles, and monotonous shots of New York City can be framed next to your name, education and your current city, thanks to Moo, the online business-card specialists.

Moo said they worked with the Facebook Timeline team to mirror the format into business card dimensions by copying the fonts, layout, and look of Timeline. On the back of the card will be your favorite quotation, phone number, and Facebook web address.

We went through the process, and it’s simple. During the editing process, you can change all of the pertinent information (quotations, phone number, Facebook URL) and select which cover photo you want.

To find the offer, type in http://www.facebook.com/[yourfacebookusername]/info and scroll down to Contact Info. Then select the business card icon.

The first 50 cards are free if you choose standard shipping, so it’s worth it if you value you that picture of dancing poodles like I do. 

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