If your mission to Target failed to yield any Missoni items, there are still two places you can find them: Etsy and eBay.

On Etsy, which is a modern day bazaar where artists sell their crafts, a search for “Missoni” reveals nearly 200 items. Mind you, many of these items aren’t actual Missoni items. Rather, they are cheaply-priced knock-offs (including cute mini-Mussoni  items.) But we still liked them.  We compiled some of our favorite items below.

On the Internet black market of eBay, a search “Missoni Target” churns up more than 42,000 items and are selling with extraordinary mark-ups

A Missoni throw blank won bidding at $168, when it was priced at Target for $39.99. A similar throw blanket is up to $113 but there is free shipping at least!

Other items, like a women’s hoodie sweater dress is priced at $169 when it retails for $49.99.

An limited edition Missoni-designed biked sold on eBay for $810, more than double the price of $399.

Depending on quantities, Missoni for Target will be on sale through October at the store but online the sales will certainly last longer.

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