Pizza down under up to Domino's Facebook fans

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Australian pizza lovers are picking the chain's next pie.

Domino’s Pizza in Australia launched a campaign Monday that will rely on its online fanbase to create what it is billing as the world’s first socially created pizza.

The pizza’s recipe will follow votes on the Australian outpost of the American tomato-pie empire’s Facebook page. Domino’s will tally the votes of its nearly 500,000 fans each day to create new crusts, sauces, and ingredients.

After a week, Domino’s will announce the most popular choices and thus the pizza that fans have created.

It seems unlikely, however, that the pizza will deviate too far from the norm. Domino’s put up its first poll Monday, offering a choice of crispy or classic crust. A number of fans, unhappy with the proffered dichotomy, insisted on other choices.

“Deep pan,” user Chloe Jane Keily said in a comment that received five likes, the most of any comment on the thread. A number of other fans cried out for cheesy crust.

We can’t even imagine the reception Domino’s would have received had they tried to reach out to the burgeoning Australian food-blog scene. Sous vide shrimp pizza, anyone?

Fans will also choose the name, with Domino’s awarding $1,000 to the person who comes up with the winning selection. (Domino’s has yet to disclose how it will choose among the suggestions.)

Whether this pizza will truly be the result of online crowdsourcing—or whether it will be the product of a rigged effort with only the trappings of digital democracy—remains to be seen.

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