Can the Internet kickstart a perfect cup of coffee?

Cold Bruer: A Cold Brew Coffee System by Bruer — Kickstarter
The explanation video on the product’s Kickstarter page shows how the slow-drip coffee brewing system makes sweeter and less acidic coffee.

Sure, coffee-brewing can be messy, the taste can be inconsistent, and the process is far from foolproof. But does it really need to be perfected? 

A new brewing system called Cold Bruer: A Cold Brew Coffee System, promising the perfect cup of cold-brewed coffee, just made well over its requested amount of money on Kickstarter. The explanation video shows how the slow-drip brewing system makes coffee that's sweeter and less acidic—and it's earned more than $114,000 from coffee drinkers who, when it came down to it, would probably never be able to taste the difference. 

They promise a compact design and an intuitive setup that's hard to screw up. The actual brewer looks something like a Brita filter.

How is this brewing method so much better, really? What's wrong with good old drip coffee from a $30 machine?

On the page it explains how cold-brewed coffee is different because “cold brewing is one of many processes for brewing coffee, and is just one way of making iced coffee. Cold-brewed coffee has a full-flavored, very smooth, velvety taste. It is less acidic and less bitter than other types of coffee, with a hint of chocolaty, nutty, natural sweetness. It’s the perfect drink for a hot day or an afternoon pick-me-up.”

Bruer, a Santa Cruz-based company, requested $30,000 and has nearly tripled it, which is impressive! A lot of people are searching for that perfect cup of joe. Here’s hoping this is it.

H/T Kickstarter | Photo via Kickstarter

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