This camera will not only snap pictures. It will take your temperature too. 

Poor cameras. They are always neglected.

Looking at the Autographer, we wondered why it took so long for intelligence to catch up to them. Really.

The Autographer is the world’s first intelligent, wearable camera. Here’s why. It has a host of sensors—GPS, accelerometer, thermometer and motion detectors—that work together to take photos intelligently (and automatically) on their own with no input from the user. The end result are photos that look natural and stunning with 5-megapixels of goodness packed in. There’s also 8GB of storage to store those photos with a slew of settings to play with the camera. When all is done, you can beam those photos via Bluetooth to a smartphone app and share them with your Facebook friends and tweeps.

All that sounds good, but this magical thing is going to cost you a pretty penny. At $650, it’s not cheap and goes on sale in November.

Now you get to be in the moment and capture them at the same time. Sweet!


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