Andy Samberg once again plays Mark Zuckerberg. But this time it wasn't on Saturday Night Live. You judge whether it was funny.

Actor and comedian Andy Samberg, known for impersonating Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday Night Live, took the stage at the company’s F8 conference on Thursday.

Channeling Zuckerberg, Samberg began the keynote by exclaiming, “We're gonna change the universe! Ah, I say that every year.”

Bragging about his “rock-solid, cut-and-greased abs,” Samberg then compared its user growth to the cast of TV show Glee, poked fun at its disputed founding story, and announced a new feature called “Slow Poke,” which gives users 24 hours to “realize they’re an idiot” before a poke is sent through.

"You wake up, share it with your friends. You're out of toothpaste, share it with your friends. You take a crazy, big number-two, don't share it with your friends. That's for Twitter," he added, taking a jab at the Facebook competitor.

The real Zuckerberg then took over the keynote to announce the introduction of Facebook’s new “Timeline”-based profiles, an expansion of its Open Graph to share common activities, and integration of applications based around media consumption.

A similar skit took place at Apple’s MacWorld conference in 1999, when actor Noah Wyle, who played Apple’s then-CEO Steve Jobs in the TV movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley,” channelled Jobs before his keynote.

Back in January, Zuckerberg and Samberg also shared the stage on SNL along with actor Jesse Einseinberg, who played Zuckerberg in last year’s movie, “The Social Network.”

Photo by Dylan Tweney,  dtweney on Flickr and executive editor at VentureBeat

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