It's dangerous to go alone, so take this sweet Triforce lamp


Photo via ThinkGeek (CC-BY-SA)

Link would be proud.

If you're a Zelda fan in need of a tool to light up a dark spot (like your bedroom), you have it a lot easier than Link does. 

Luckily you don't have to buy a torch from some dubious merchant living in a cave to fix your problem. Instead you could just get a Triforce-shaped lamp—which, incidentally, you didn't have to conquer eight dungeons to assemble either, you scamp.


This would be a really cool piece to have on your desk even it if wasn't a lamp, but the magic really starts when you flip the lights off and turn it on. 


The lamp casts the famous crest of Hyrule on a wall, kind of like the bat signal. You can lay in the dark admiring it and thinking about what bullsh*t Ganon is going to come up with next. Probably something that's totally not going to present any challenge for you whatsoever.

And it only costs $35.99, you say? Shut up and take our rupees. Buy it here.


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