'Super Mario Adventures' is a nostalgic trove of Nintendo Power comics


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You might remember this if you had a subscription when you were a kid.

If you ever subscribed to Nintendo Power back in the day, you'll likely remember that sandwiched between its helpful game guides were another memorable form of entertainment: comics.

The Super Mario Adventures comic, which was illustrated by Charlie Nozawa and written by Kentaro Takekuma, is a collected book of those very same strips you remember. 

The book is set to release Oct. 11, and it does not disappoint in the nostalgia department. We received an advance look, thanks to Viz Media, and it was like stepping through a portal directly back to our childhood gaming days.

Yoshi makes an appearance!

Yoshi makes an appearance! The Daily Dot

Nozawa's bold, colorful style is a perfect fit with Mario and Luigi's adventures. It's amazing how this comic was aimed at children, yet perfectly appeals to adults more than 20 years after its original publication. 

It's also worth noting that there are several instances in the comic book that pits Peach as the one saving Mario and Luigi from danger—a nice buck to that princess-saving trend old video games have been called out for as of late.

Bowser in love is pretty LOL-worthy.

Bowser in love is pretty LOL-worthy. The Daily Dot

Yoshi being awesome (as usual).

Yoshi being awesome (as usual). The Daily Dot

It's a nice size for a softcover. (Cat for scale.)

It's a nice size for a softcover. (Cat for scale.) The Daily Dot

The "W" in Wario must stand for "weird."

The "W" in Wario must stand for "weird." The Daily Dot

If you want to pre-order the book, it's only $13. No word on whether the Nintendo Power Zelda comic A Link to the Past is next up to become a book, but we'd love a chance to relive those too, if anyone happens to be listening. Pre-order it here.

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