This smart Crock-Pot ain't your grandma's slow cooker

smart crockpot

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Prepare for tasty fall meals cooked straight from your phone.

Deep in the food realms of Pinterest, there is an army of slow cooker fans who have figured out how to create delicious home-cooked meals while barely stepping foot in the kitchen. Grandmas everywhere must get a kick out of this trend, but we’ll have the last laugh, because technology has made the Crock-Pot even better.

This smart Crock-Pot is Wi-Fi enabled, meaning you can cook dinner without even being home. Sure, you could do that before, but this allows you to turn the slow cooker on and off, as well as change the heat settings—all from your phone.

You control the slow cooker through the WeMo app, which is compatible with Apple and Android devices. A notification is sent when the meal is complete or the slow cooker turns off.

The 6-quart container can hold up to 6 lbs of pork, or a whole chicken. Afterward, you can safely place the removable stoneware dish and glass lid into the dishwasher.

Normally priced at $150, you can currently save 38 percent on this helpful meal planning machine and get it for just $93. While that’s still steeper than most Crock-Pots, think about the money saved when you can actually use your slow cooker.

Since most slow cooker meals require 6-8 hours, and the average employee works over 40 hours a week, this device allows you to cook more meals at home and actually enjoy them. If you’re running late, just switch settings from low to warm, instead of coming home to a soupy, overcooked dinner. You can also delay the cooking schedule, and turn the slow cooker on later in the day.

Prepare for tasty fall meals, and grab this smart Crock-Pot, while you can still save $58. Buy it here.


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