This tiny drone is the sleekest, baddest quadcopter in the sky

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The drone is dwarfed by its own controller, yet it flies with the stability of a drone three times the size.

Most modern quadcopters are too big to carry any distance, but not so with the SKEYE Nano Drone.

This tiny quadcopter is dwarfed by its own controller, yet it flies with the stability of a drone three times the size. It means owners can practice aerial maneuvers indoors and outside, while the matte-black limited edition SKEYE has all the sleek menace of a tiny, flying Batmobile.

The SKEYE measures just 1.57 inches along each side. Despite these minuscule proportions, the drone has six-axis gyroscopic stabilization on board. The gyros are adjustable according to the pilot's skill level, making it easy to fly. Beginners can choose the most forgiving setting to encourage smooth movements, while veterans can up the sensitivity for fine control.

You can get the limited edition version now for $39.99 with free shipping, saving 32 percent off. The price includes four replacement rotor blades and ludicrous amounts of fun.

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