The Polaroid 600 combines the best of old-school film and modern photography

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It may look like it, but this is not your parents' Polaroid.

Remember Polaroid? The brand dominated photography in the eighties, with cameras that could take and print photos instantaneously. Then the digital revolution happened, sounding the death knell for the company.

Luckily, film devotees at the Impossible Project resurrected the technology, giving us the Polaroid 600.

This handy camera looks indistinguishable from the one your parents once owned—an intentionally designed throwback to yesteryear.

But don’t let the old-school exterior fool you, because there's some cutting-edge technology packed inside. The camera has a fixed-focus lens that captures clear and vibrant snapshots. 

Other enhancements include a companion iOS app that allows you to share photos with friends. A newly-installed frog tongue protects your photos as they slide out, and exposure control is literally a snap to use. You can keep the shutter open for up to 30 minutes, producing some phenomenal photographic effects.

The glossy prints are just over 3 square inches in size, reminiscent of the very same white-bordered photos your parents used to snap.

The Daily Dot store currently has the Polaroid 600 with one color film pack on sale for $119.99, plus free shipping to the continental U.S. Order now to save $33 off the regular price.

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