Extend your iPhone’s charge and get 2 extra-long Lightning cables for $13

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Of all the first-world problems, trying to use your device while it charges is the worst.

Thanks to Apple’s short Lightning cables, if you’re not banging your head from crawling under a desk to plug in, you’re awkwardly hovering around strangers for the nearest wall socket. Of all the first-world problems, trying to use your device while it charges is the worst.

It shouldn’t be so hard, but the only real solution is to get some extra reach. These 2-meter MFi-certified Lightning cables should do the trick.

Daily Dot store

These cables look and feel like they come straight from Apple itself. The build quality is impressive, with reversible Lightning connectors that offer the same speeds for charging and data transfer. They even have Apple's seal of approval by way of MFi certification.

Two cables come in each pack, meaning you can keep one at home and one in your bag.

Ready to experience the sweet freedom that these 2-meter cables offer? The Daily Dot Store has the two-pack now at $12.99 with free shipping to the U.S, meaning you get two cables for less than the price of one Apple original. Order now to save 77 percent off.


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