Your cat will go nuts for this weird door gadget

fling amastring

Photo via Amazon (CC-BY)

If you want to make a fool of your cat, this toy can help.

Cat owners know full well that cats do weird stuff — especially at night. Why do they get super hyped at midnight? Why do they look freaked and then ran randomly to other rooms? Why are they yowling alone in the dark bathroom at 4am?

Cats are not meant to be understood. But in trade for that lack of understanding, we get to witness all the humor in their behavior, especially when they get obsessed with weird toys. The laser pointer is a cat fave, but this thing – made by a company called Moody Pet, hilariously – is just ripe for opportunity to laugh at this weird creature you adopted.

Called the Fling-Ama-String, the toy works by a string that is threaded up and down through the body, pushing it through the bottom and waving it so the cat will try to catch it. Just when the cat thinks its got it, the string pulls away. 

Best of all, the official photo of the item is just ridiculous. 


Is this cat high? Does this toy just transform all felines into glassy-eyed automatons? Regardless, it should be a crime that something which provides hours of hilarity is less than $19. Do your cat and your furniture a favor, and get this toy. Buy it here.


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