Carnivore Club is a real-life sausage party

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It's a meat lover's dream come true!

No, not that sausage party. Not Sausage Party either. Carnivore Club is the answer to all meat lovers’ prayers.

The company delivers artisanal meats from around the world in a beautiful faux-wood box, shipped to your door each month. Each box contains four to six meats (Yes, including sausage.) that fit with Carnivore Club’s theme of the month. What more is there to love?

Here’s a sampler of what you might receive in a box:
  • French charcuterie, seasoned with garlic, black pepper, and brandy

  • Spanish chorizo with the added spice of pimentón (paprika) and ancho chile

  • Classic homemade peperone

All of the meat is sourced from farms that treat their animals with care, and any other ingredients involved in the creation of these meats are locally sourced. New customers can sign up for one month with no strings attached, or enjoy savings with longer subscriptions.Through the Daily Dot store, you can get a one-month subscription and $15 in credit for just $45. That’s $10 off the regular price, leaving you with even more to spend on tasty meat. Get this deal now to get started with your real-life sausage party today.


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