These bone conduction headphones are the next big thing in audio tech

bone conduction headphones

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This gives new meaning to getting a song stuck in your head.

It’s nice to be able to shut out bickering co-workers and passing traffic at work, but there are times when you still need to hear your surroundings. Still, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on your favorite playlist.

The bone conduction Bluetooth headphones take advantage of cutting-edge vibration technology to deliver sound through your skull. Before you get a scary mental image, that simply means that you can hear your jams in crystal-clear quality without covering your ears. Bone conduction technology is used to create a more organic sound at the natural frequency. It’s how musicians tune instruments with a tuning fork.

These headphones sit around the back of your head, resting on the top of each ear. They vibrate at an imperceptible rate to play music straight into your head, offering hours of wireless Bluetooth playback with a range of up to 33 feet. They can pair with two devices simultaneously.

The frame is made from anodized metal, meaning the headphones can take on all weathers and sweaty workouts. A built-in microphone allows for hands-free calling and interaction with Siri, while physical buttons let you answer calls and switch tracks.

This futuristic headset is usually priced at $100, but you can grab one for $69.99 with free shipping via the Daily Dot store. The headphones come with a cleaning cloth, storage bag, reflective stickers, and a charging cable. Order now to upgrade your audio quality, and save 30 percent off MSRP.


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