Road trip to a galaxy far, far away with the BB-8 car charger

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Jedi shouldn't have to worry about their battery dying in the middle of a trip across the galaxy.

Long ago, Jedi probably didn’t have to worry about their battery dying in the middle of a trip across the galaxy. Unfortunately, in modern times, our navicomputers have yet to catch up and a car charger is an absolute necessity.

Luckily, your trusty droid will serve as co-pilot on the shortest and longest of journeys. The BB-8 car charger can charge two devices while beeping, booping, and rotating its cute little head.

The charger features two USB ports with enough power (2.1 Amps, to be exact) to replenish as much as two tablets at the same time. BB-8 sits comfortably in your cup holder and hooks to a 12V power adapter. It will rotate and talk to you, as it happily keeps your devices running, but you can also turn the volume down or off when you need to concentrate.

The beloved Star Wars character is available exclusively on ThinkGeek. You can grab the BB-8 car charger for $39.99, which is a steal compared to what a real droid would cost you.

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