This LED Baymax is the coolest sculpture, and it's only $20


Photo via Amazon (CC-BY-SA)

It's your own personal, portable healthcare companion! (And a lamp!)

Whether you need a cute lamp for your children's bedroom or a touch of whimsy in your own, adding this sweet little robot nurse may be the perfect touch. The Baymax LED sculpture radiates care in his own quiet little way.

Baymax, the beloved character from Disney's Big Hero 6, is powered by USB and made of composite optical resin. He's 11.6 inches tall and fully 3D, making for a really cool effect that will put a smile on your face every time you look at him.


Sadly, you can't murmur "I am satisfied with my care," to shut Baymax off (although that would be the coolest feature ever), but when it's on sale for $20.77, we won't be fussy about specifics. Buy it here.


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