The BASICS notebook makes productivity more simple than an app

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Sometimes basic is better.

Believe it or not, people used to carry physical organizers back in the day, before computers and smartphones rendered them nearly obsolete.

Not so with the BASICS Notebook.

This handy notebook is carefully designed to optimize your life. Along with lined paper for notetaking, it features a schedule planner, blank pages for doodling, and wipe-clean cards for sketching out ideas. It’s intended to be intuitive and simple, unlike fiddling with a touchscreen to access a productivity app.

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The notebook is split into three sections. At the front is the calendar, which provides weekly and monthly overviews, including checklists for goals and tasks. The middle section is for note-taking, which comes in two options: lined paper or a dot grid. Finally, the back contains blank pages for mind maps and rough sketches. Inside the rear cover is a pocket containing the whiteboard cards.

In addition to the layout, the notebook’s physical features include a lay-flat design for when you're typing, and dual elastic straps to hold the pages open. Three colored ribbons act as integrated bookmarks.

You can order the notebook now for $24 and get free shipping to the Continental U.S. If you prefer paper to pixels, the BASICS was designed to keep your life organized. 

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