This 'Star Wars' Bantha costume is your pet's destiny

Star Wars Bantha pet costume

Photo via Rubie's Costume Co / Photo via | Remix by Jason Reed

The dog will be miserable, but you will be delighted.

One of life’s greatest joys is humiliating your pet. Both dog and cat owners know this. If you ask and they deny it, they are lying. 

Even if you, considerate pet owner that you are, resist the urge to dress your cats in little T-shirts throughout the year, Halloween is the one time that you are basically given a free pass to make your animal absolutely miserable by dressing it up. They look ridiculous, you’re choking on your own laughter, and by tomorrow they will have forgotten all about it because animals have no sense of time anyway.

This costume is a perfect opportunity for that. Pop it on, and suddenly your dog is a Bantha with a Tusken Raider on its back. This is clearly the best use of $21 since you bought that inflatable T-Rex costume (and think of how cool you’re going to look as a dinosaur walking a Bantha on Halloween).


If you’re in need of further proof of the glory of this ensemble, the Amazon customer pictures say it all. Buy it here.


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