Turn your grill into a pizza oven with this ingenious box

BakerStone pizza box header

photo via Amazon (CC-BY)

The perfect pie in under 5 minutes—no brick oven needed.

What’s better than pizza? Trick question. Nothing.

But the BakerStone pizza box will make your pie better by transforming your grill into the perfect pizza oven. No brick oven pizzeria can promise you a delicious pie in under five minutes, not even DiGornio can do that.

The BakerStone pizza box converts most gas and charcoal grills into a gourmet pizza oven in just a few moments. The box is simple to use and people who have purchased the product claim they’ve never made pizza that tasted better. 


All you have to do is set the pizza box on your burners and wait for it to reach the proper temperature. Reviewers say the box can take up to 30 minutes to heat. Once it’s reached optimal temperature, just slide your pie in and in under five minutes dinner will be served.

The BakerStone pizza box usually sells for $129.99, but it's currently on sale for $103.83 through Amazon. Do yourself a favor. Buy it here.


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