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Zan McQuade

The Internet is a 12-year-old boy
Would you pretend to blow up your son for the clicks?
Your selfie might kill you
Is the perfect Facebook post really worth dying for?
Your opinion doesn't matter
It’s not just about whether or not you have a voice—it’s how you use it.
I'm a good driver Drivers, don't let Google take the wheel
Why are we willing to put so much faith in technology?
thethinker.jpg (1440×720) By eliminating discomfort, is the Internet killing our ability to wonder?
We are so used to knowing that it has become distinctly uncomfortable not to know the answer to something. 
her_trailer.jpg (1296×730) For my father, Spike Jonze's future can't come soon enough
While some might see the attachment to technology in Her as a prison, to me it was liberating.