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Zan McQuade

Your opinion doesn't matter
It’s not just about whether or not you have a voice—it’s how you use it.
I'm a good driver Drivers, don't let Google take the wheel
Why are we willing to put so much faith in technology?
thethinker.jpg (1440×720) By eliminating discomfort, is the Internet killing our ability to wonder?
We are so used to knowing that it has become distinctly uncomfortable not to know the answer to something. 
her_trailer.jpg (1296×730) For my father, Spike Jonze's future can't come soon enough
While some might see the attachment to technology in Her as a prison, to me it was liberating. 
cabling.jpg (1440×720) How we can make the Internet better in 2014
To make my own experience a source of joy and enlightenment, I’ve laid some very general ground rules for myself.
two_guys_comp.png (1300×650) Open up your Internet and let me in
We need to be active in our selective Internet curation, keeping a check on ourselves so that our circles don't continue to shrink.