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William Turton

Marco Rubio Sen. Marco Rubio literally said the same anti-Obama line 4 times during the GOP debate
And Chris Christie called him out on it.
Carly Fiorina campaign takes aim at ABC with #LetCarlyDebate
The campaign claims the debate is 'rigged.'
image of julian assange Here's what the UN's ruling on Julian Assange means
The United Nations says he shouldn't be detained. That doesn't mean he's about to go anywhere, though.
North Penn Tactical Response Team of Montgomery County Pennsylvania, practicing Cellular Team Tactics Fake 911 call sends SWAT team to home of lawmaker sponsoring anti-swatting bill
Katherine Clark is sponsoring a bill to crack down on the very prank that hit her last night.
r/SandersforPresident hacked before Iowa caucus Reddit's largest Bernie Sanders community hit by hacker-pranksters
The hackers say they support Donald Trump.