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William Turton

Strater family How to destroy an American family
The Straters’ suburban life has been turned upside down by relentless cyberattacks. And there’s nothing they can do about it.
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glitched image of a lock Cryptography expert casts doubt on Telegram's encryption algorithms
Jihadists continue to try to use the app despite its creators banning ISIS-related channels.
Bobby Jindal, stock photo Bobby Jindal drops out of the 2016 presidential race
Tanned. Rested. Out.
abstract art of edward snowden Edward Snowden: Everyone should be using ad-block software
The NSA whistleblower has a tip to keep you safe online.
image of french flag Charlie Hebdo stands up to ISIS with new cover on Paris attacks
The terrorists killed 129 people last Friday. But Charlie Hebdo isn't backing down.