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Tom Harrington

collage of images of two people playing guitar AOL's 'Act Like a Musician' webseries is a flashback we didn't need
Two people nobody normal could possibly care about anymore talking about themselves.
afk Wake up in the video game with new webseries 'AFK'
'AFK' director Peter Haynes on his gaming-centric new series.
Sluggish Webseries 'Sluggish' toasts the hidden benefits of wasting time
It turns out that your useless teenage son is actually on to something.
Pretentious Movie Reviews Bollywood absurdity steals the show in 'Pretentious Movie Reviews'
It's sort of like the 'Honest Trailers' of Indian film.
Riggle 'Celebrities in Golf Carts' wheels out Rob Riggle, Kunal Nayyar, and more
Will Zack Morris be as good on the green as he was with the ladies?