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Thomas Fawcett

Doctor cutting underside of "Male" symbol This is what it's really like to have a vasectomy
The pain was mild—nothing ibuprofen couldn’t handle.
All sizes | Davidson vs Samford | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Get paid for obsessing over your March Madness bracket
March Madness: When workplace productivity plummets with every heart-stopping buzzer beater. 
undefined Remember your top 8? 50 terribly dated songs about Myspace
Some song lyrics are priceless. These 50 Myspace artifacts had the approximate shelf-life of a gallon of milk. 
Maya main Cutest baby in Texas already won March Madness
Thomas Fawcett puts his 11-month-old daughter up against Jay Bilas, ESPN’s most respected and cerebral college basketball analyst.
scandalous Spotify Essentials: 30 SXSW bands that will shake your rump
In the name of pure fun, here are 30 SXSW bands that will shake your rump. No shoe-gazing allowed.
Jayhawks Harlem Shake 10 reasons why the Jayhawks' Harlem Shake is perfect
Timing is everything, and the Kansas Jayhawks' basketball team came through clutch once again.