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Sid Yadav

ok go OK Go turns Twitter profile pictures into new video
Blurring the lines between advertising and social media, OK Go partners with Cuervo Cold for a new interactive video. 
tram rant Tram rant spurs defense of multiracial Britain
YouTube viewers and Twitter users are indignant over a tram rider's rant against non-"English" passengers.
YouTube Space Lab teens YouTube challenges teens to test ideas in space
Scientific American, NASA, Lenovo, and others aim to spur scientific thinking with a space contest.
scrubbing Facebook app promises to clean your history
Worried about what people will discover from your Facebook past? One developer has a solution.
Facebook pacman Breaking up is easier than ever, thanks to Facebook
A new study finds that users are increasingly to Facebook to potentiall start—and end—relationships. 
Beer Mobile drinkers in a lather for Untappd's online beer community
Untappd's new mobile apps make it easier to connect over a brew.