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S.E. Smith

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is failing those who need it most
Here's who gets left out of the campaign every October.
The attack on Planned Parenthood is about more than the War on Women
It's about the future of health care in America.
Eye-controlled wheelchair Eye-controlled wheelchair reveals the power of open source
These German teens are probably cooler than you.
Hunting Cecil the Lion was disgusting—but so is doxing his killer
The Internet enjoys the hunting of a different species, and cases like this make that painfully obvious.
abstract Google logo Google's new Timeline feature is a terrifying reminder to turn your location off right now
This may sound like paranoia, but some of us have learned the hard way that it’s the only way to stay alive.
donald trump speaking to an audience Stop laughing at the Republican candidates
The clowncar of horrors that is the Republican presidential race isn't actually all that funny.