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Samuel Lingle

Justice Rains from Above Overwatch passes LoL to become the undisputed king of Korea PC bangs
Overwatch has overtaken League of Legends as Korea's most popular PC bang title.
Torbjorn jumping like a fool Torbjörn is finally getting the big nerf he deserves on console
The turret building menace will terrorize PS4 and Xbox One players no longer.
tsm Everything fantasy LCS players need to know for this weekend's NA action
There’s a lot more to fantasy League of Legends than simply picking the best players.
Reaper and Hanzo FaZe adds intercontinental Overwatch roster featuring legendary AWPer fRoD
The diverse roster features players from Counter-Strike, Quake, Team Fortress 2, and League of Legends.
Dva and Zenyatta on the cart ESL reveals rules for first six-figure Overwatch tourney, and the pros aren't happy
The first major Overwatch tournament won't use stopwatch.
Zarya looks fierce Talented young Overwatch player accused of cheating, Blizzard says 'nope'
This youngster used Zarya to beat Korean pros, and got accused of cheating for it.