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Samuel Lingle

Cloud9 hai and jack hug Cloud9 completes Cinderella run, qualifies for Riot World Championship
This isn't a dream. Cloud9 is going to Worlds.
Red Bull Battlegrounds Archon Santa Monica Red Bull Battlegrounds shows that Archon Mode is just what StarCraft needs
The new Archon Mode is just what the doctor ordered for StarCraft 2.
MVP Black at MSI MGA Korea wins first major international Heroes of the Storm tournament
The first big international Heroes of the Storm event ends with a surprise winner.
MSI MGA logo China's best Heroes of the Storm team out of major due to last-minute visa issues
Now China won't have a chance to play on the biggest international stage in Heroes of the Storm yet.
Cyclone unit preview LotV Automated tournaments are coming to the StarCraft 2 expansion beta
The highly anticipated feature is now playable on the Legacy of the Void beta.
the Summoner's Cup World semis 2015 Riot releases Worlds format details, will broadcast group draw live
The Group Draw for the biggest esports tournament this year will be broadcast live next month.
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