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Samuel Lingle

Maple smiling Maple: 'The European teams are a lot stronger and they have a lot that we can learn from their strategy'
The yoe Flash Wolves topped Group A thanks to a star performance from mid laner Maple.
audience at the league of legends world championships Flash Wolves up, North America down after another day at Worlds
This was not the way things were supposed to go.
Flash Wolves beat CLG Flash Wolves top group after NL's pentakill dooms CLG
The man who was benched for the first game helped Flash Wolves become the surprise of the tournament so far.
Master Chef Tahm Kench KOO Tigers use Tahm Kench to devour Counter Logic Gaming
The American's tourney hopes were digested in the belly of the River King.
Piglet and Fenix getting coached Team Liquid is hiring League of Legends position coaches
It's a natural evolution for the coaching staff of a cutting edge team.
Maplestreet leaves the building Maplestreet leaves Renegades ahead of their inaugural LCS season
In a surprise move, Maplestreet has left the third team he's lead into the LCS.