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Samuel Lingle

pac 12 gets into esports One of the biggest conferences in collegiate sports is getting into esports
The Pac-12 plans to host esports competition this year.
Soldier: 76 using his ultimate Blizzard vows zero tolerance for Overwatch cheaters but adds: 'Some players are just really good'
Today Blizzard made a statement about cheating in Overwatch.
German flag esports stadium The Berlin Pirate Party wants Germany to officially recognize esports as sports
It likely won't succeed, but it's a big first step.
HOTSHOT CLG FOUNDER Hotshot in depth: MSI success, the CLG golden age, and how to improve the LCS
It may have come later than prophesied, but the Counter Logic Gaming golden age is finally here.
Overgrown Bastion Cloud9 wins the biggest Overwatch tourney yet as 18k tune in live
One day before the open beta shuts down, the biggest tournament in Overwatch's history crowned a champion.
SKT losing at MSI SK Telecom lose four games in a row in crazy MSI group stage
The world champions are on the ropes.