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Samuel Lingle

Fnatic vs ahq Fnatic and ahq advance at Worlds after Cloud9 falters
Cloud9 began the day in the driver's seat, but four losses doomed them to elimination.
Fnatic takes a bow after win at Worlds Watch Fnatic score two quadra kills against Invictus Gaming
Huni pulled off perhaps the play of the tournament on Riven.
Kennen official art Fnatic crush Cloud9 with their secret weapon—AD carry Kennen
The dual ninja lane proved too much for Cloud9.
Aaron behind EDG on stage EDG coach Aaron on his team's slow start and why EDG fans shouldn't worry
The EDward Gaming coach isn't worried about his team's slow start.
EDG win at Worlds China's best hope advances after shaky group stage
The Chinese team struggled today, but they got the job done.
Dota 2 wallpaper Team Liquid returns to Dota 2
After a year without a team, Team Liquid is back.