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Richard Lewis

adderall 15mg pillWhy you should take esports' new drug tests with a pinch of bath salts
Esports has a lot of problems. Substance abuse isn't one of them.
Cloud9 addresses Adderall accusations
Cloud9’s Counter-Strike team have been in a great spell of form lately. But it's all under a cloud of suspicion.
SK Gaming swapping tenzki for cadiaN
The move comes after a series of internal disputes.
Esports orgs speak out on performance-enhancing drug debate
The use of performance enhancing drugs is nothing new to esports.
Gamers2 writes open letter to Riot about Badawi and SK Gaming poaching attempts
“We urge you to implement adequate rules for Challenger Series."
SK Gaming player lcsSK Gaming in chaos after player revolt
SK Gaming is in freefall.
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