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Richard Lewis

S1mple, Team Liquid S1mple, O'Connor departures highlight internal division at Team Liquid
S1mple's departure wasn't as clear cut as it first seemed.
Turner set to unveil televised esports league featuring CS:GO
The media giant is making a move into esports.
Team Liquid look to bench Xpecial
The move reportedly comes after jungler Christian 'IWillDominate' Rivera was handed control of the roster
Draft Kings to sponsor six leading esports organizations DraftKings to sponsor six leading esports organizations
DraftKings is making a splash, signing with some of the biggest names in the business.
league of legends art Riot insists teams cover South Korea flight costs ahead of Worlds
Some team owners say another Riot policy is giving them headaches ahead of the biggest event of the year.
Riot's ticket allocations for Worlds leave some teams fuming
Smaller venues means fewer tickets, and that's not making teams happy.