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Ramon Ramirez

Viral selfie, 'mom, twin & me' One viral selfie asks: Which one is the mom?
No, seriously.
Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders played a boisterous rabbi in a low-budget 1999 film
Well, this was unexpected.
Trump plane Citing network feud, Trump will sit out next Fox News debate
Sen. Rand Paul will fill the Trump-sized hole in the prime-time debate.
illustration of kayne west Kanye and Kendrick Lamar's 'No More Parties in L.A.' is the perfect 'Swish' teaser
West is all too happy to run down interactions with his therapist, beefs with agents, concerns for his children…
david bowie How the streaming world has paid tribute to David Bowie
As fans continue to mourn the loss of intrepid musician David Bowie, rock’s cosmos have been flooded with streams.