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Lorraine Murphy

bellglictch.png (1400×824) Bell Canada: 22,000 customer passwords leaked by hacking crew
The hacktivists known as NullCrew first gained notoriety for its high-profile attack on Cambridge University. 
Jester Bitcoin Could this 'patriot' hacker's new app swing the Bitcoin markets his way?
"Every time I make a move on the Bitcoin Markets, you will know about it live," the Jester said.
All sizes | Anonymous VS ACTA | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Why Anonymous is going to war with British higher education
With #OpPhDPound, Anonymous plans to target universities receiving research funding from the Ministry of Defence. 
All sizes | Shiba inu | Flickr - Photo Sharing! How 10 Shiba Inus made it to the top of a super-sketchy hottie-rating site
For a few sweet hours, Girls on a Map became Doges on a Map.
Anonymous Wallpaper by Senovan on deviantART Anonymous's #OpFullerton seeks justice for Kelly Thomas
Fullerton Police Department officers Manuel Ramos, Jay Cicinelli, and Joseph Wolfe were fired. Now Anonymous is hunting them.
Anon Graffiti Artist Anonymous supporters face caning for graffiti
"WE R ONE WE R LEGION," the graffiti read, in part.