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Rae Votta

Rae Votta is obsessed with obsession. She holds an BA in journalism and a Masters in the linguistics with a focus on digital fan communities from the University of Georgia; she has applied that degree to her nine-year career in the digital and entertainment industries. In addition to Daily Dot, her work has appeared on AOL, Huffington Post, Out Magazine, Logo, VH1, Current TV, Billboard, and NYMag. She focuses on digital entertainment culture, with a specific interest in YouTube, Vine, and other digital native stars.
YouTube ContentID funneling money into one stream YouTube adjusts Content ID system to solve monetization disputes
Now money earned during a Content ID dispute will go to its rightful owner.
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camera with the wattpad logo on it Can Wattpad turn amateur writers into digital stars?
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Meg DeAngelis it's a girl thing YouTube vlogger Meg DeAngelis goes scripted with 'It's a Girl Thing'
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Mother Buffer app parody Mother Buffer is the mom texting app we wish was real
Read texts from mom when it's convenient for you!