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Rachel Bush

All sizes | Natural Europe | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Pinterest wants to plan your next vacation
The Internet's favorite bulletin board wants to be your travel agent, too.
All sizes | Loews Hotel rebranded their beach umbrellas at the Don Cesar | Flickr - Photo Sharing! You can now book a hotel room via Twitter
Just do yourself a favor and don't reveal the dates of your trip.
YouTube Zombie Watch terrified South Koreans flee from rampaging zombie
YouTuber Callux took his zombie costume to a place where The Walking Dead doesn't air every Sunday.
Virgin America screencap Here's an airline safety video you'll actually want to watch
Now they just need to make TSA checkpoints entertaining.
imgur: the simple image sharer Blind girl from the Philippines totally redeems Miley Cyrus's 'Wrecking Ball'
She reads the lyrics through Braille as she belts out the pop hit.