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Patrick Howell O'Neill

abstract art of a police badge Chicago mayor fires police superintendent over handling of Laquan McDonald case
Emanuel promised to fix 'the direction' of the Chicago Police Department.
art of computer hacking National Security Letter details revealed for first time
We now know what the FBI can get with a National Security Letter.
art of computer hacking ICAP, NDAA demand laws mandating encryption backdoors
Law enforcement say backdoors make it harder to catch criminals. But where's the evidence?
glitched image of someone hacking a computer Hackers knock out ISIS's Dark Net propaganda site
The Islamic State is losing a war on the Dark Net.
glitched image of a lock Hackers could attack new U.S. bio-weapons detection system
Talk about things going from bad to worse.
artsy image of confederate flag White supremacists are cheering the rise of anti-Muslim violence after Paris
'If Muslims stayed in Muslim lands, things like this wouldn't happen.'