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Patrick Caldwell

sxsw-podcast Podspotting: The state of podcasting 2013
Roman Mars,  Chris Mancini, Matt Belknap, and Jessie Thorn sound off on the opportunities and challenges facing the medium's development. 
every james bond Bond, Obscure Bond: A 007 playlist
 With a hat tip to Adele, this 21-song, one-hour playlist sets its sights on some of Bond’s lesser-known musical moments.  
Jimmy Pardo new 6 pieces of expert advice for aspiring podcasters
Six veteran podcasters discuss what  what they’ve learned from their months or years producing a show.
sex nerd sandra “Sex Nerd Sandra” sounds off on Valentine’s Day
Nerdist podcaster Sandra Daugherty discusses the merits, problems, and opportunities presented by Valentine's Day. 
memory palance Strolling the historical halls of "The Memory Palace"
Ahead of his debut episode for Parks and Recreation, Nate DiMeo discusses his economical and highly addictive podcast series. 
Here Be Monsters "Here Be Monsters": Tackling personal fears through podcasts
Jeff Emtman's fascinating podcast tackles elements of the real-life macabre, unknown, outre, or just plain strange.