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Nicholas White

Shredded paper Why we're killing our comments section
And why we hope to one day bring it back.
newsies with net neutral newspaper Net neutrality is good for the Internet, bad for Internet journalism
Right now, the barrier to entry online is too low.
comments covering speech bubble The cost of absolute free speech? Less speech
On the Internet, bigots and trolls may feel absolutely free to spew hatred. But what about the people they attack?
Hacker The truth about hacking is in the eye of the beholder
Are hackers criminals or folk heroes? Your answer likely says a lot about you.
zJx2CBw.png (1300×650) GoPro, drones, and smartphones: The modern surveillance society
Yet it is far harder to get away from a camera than even Orwell imagined.
DDD-rodger.png (1440×720) Elliot Rodger's case reveals the dirty underbelly of online communities
Isla Vista may have been the first Internet massacre.