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Mike Wehner

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted a horrible, blurry photo and the Internet won't let him forget it
The Apple CEO's smartphone had a rough time capturing the moment.
Apple made $75.9 billion in the last 3 months—but it almost made way more
Apple is still making insane amounts of money.
the amazon logo made out of piles of cocaine Here are 6 Amazon products that are definitely not for cocaine
It's hard to find good coke accessories these days.
Unraveling the mystery of 11b-x-1371 with Parker Warner Wright
We spoke with the man behind 11b-x-1371.
iphone repair
How not to repair a broken iPhone screen
Eggs, soda, and a whole lot of rice.
bowie Inside David Bowie's insane, disturbing virtual world from 1998 that some fans never left
David Bowie has left us, but his BowieWorld lives on.