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Marissa Fessenden

Nasa Orion on Launch Pad What you need to know about the Orion test flight
This is just the first step to getting humans to Mars
Man Walking on Patterned Stones After hacking his hearing aids, this man can hear Wi-Fi
What must this be like, we wonder?
Philae_s_landing_site_30_October_2014.jpg (1769×1651) Here's what you need to know about the first-ever comet landing
These videos explaining the Rosetta mission are adorable and amazing.
robot penguin baby Remote-controlled rover goes undercover as a baby penguin
The Emperor penguins accepted it as one of their own.
goliath spider Don't worry, dog-sized spiders won't be taking over the world
If recent reports of giant spiders are freaking you out, we have some comforting news. 
dolphins Dolphins use a magnetic GPS to navigate
Just another one of their amazing abilities.