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Lisa Granshaw

Make a galactic statement with Adidas' super-customizable 'Star Wars' sneakers
You can add everything from a C-3PO tongue label to a Darth Vader heel cage.
How to make your own version of Tony Stark's arc reactor
Take one step closer to becoming Iron Man with this DIY project.
Light up your tabletop gaming experience with these themed candles
Wonder what the inside of that dragon lair smells like? These candles can help.
'Spirited Away' designs from Her Universe arrive at Hot Topic
Add Chihiro, No-Face, and Haku to your wardrobe.
Your favorite 'Super Mario Bros' tunes sound incredible on this Nintendo-themed piano
You might need to blow on the keys before playing this piano.
Nerdy baking YouTube channel to release its first cookbook
No more sticky frosting fingers on your laptop.
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