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Lewis Parker

thomas docherty working at amazon fulfillment center After one shift, politician admits he’s too inept to work in Amazon warehouse
British Labour politician Thomas Docherty MP spent a day in the retailer’s largest U.K. warehouse. 
Teen on computer Today's teens think porn is too easy to find
Half the teens surveyed regard sexting—sending naked pictures and videos—as part of everyday life.
Cat hissing Pussycat Riot campaign takes on Internet censorship with cats
It's a marketing ploy—but it's a good marketing ploy.
Chris Chris Christie has taken the 'ice bucket challenge'
It's the hot (cold?) new trend.
Man kicking soccer ball British soccer teams to use video game data in hunt for new players
The data comes from thousands of players running imaginary soccer teams.
All sizes | Justice Gavel | Flickr - Photo Sharing! This man is taking Google to court over 'abusive search results'
He very much wants to exercise his "right to be forgotten."